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It is Dr. Alex’s premise and experience that health can always be improved and that “chronic” disease states can often be reversed. She does not believe that when the diagnosis of a “chronic” disease is made that the only treatment option is lifelong medication. It is never too late to start working toward improved health. Dr. Alex will help you implement steps that can be taken to slow the progression and potentially reverse “chronic” disease states.

Some of the conditions that Naturopathic Medicine can improve include:
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Chronic Fatigue

Natural therapies and lifestyle modifications can be implemented while patients continue taking prescription medications. Dr. Alex will monitor your progress and if the need for prescription medication decreases she will communicate and collaborate with the prescribing physician in order to safely and effectively wean you from those medications. 

Dr. Alex has seen cholesterol return to healthy levels, plaque in the carotid arteries shrink, blood sugar become regulated, chronic pain subside and digestive disorders improve with all natural therapies. 

Working with a naturopathic doctor is different from working with other practitioners in that the patient is the driver of his or her own care. And it does take work. There is no magic pill or herb. Doctors do not heal patients. Patients heal themselves by:
Becoming educated about their condition and treatment options
Making sustainable diet and lifestyle changes
Addressing the actual cause of their problems, not just the symptoms
Being accountable for their own health

The naturopathic doctor is there to guide patients through these processes, ensure their safety and monitor their progress. Dr. Alex serves as counselor, educator, troubleshooter and coach while her patients make the changes necessary to improve their own health and wellbeing.
Celiac Disease
Chronic Pain
Recurrent Sinusitis
241 N. Buffalo Ste 100      l      Las Vegas NV 89145      l       702.656.0016      l
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It is never too late to start on the path to health and wellbeing, nor is it ever too early.
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