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As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Board Certified Family Herbalist, Carmen Adams specializes in Advanced Clinical Nutrition. Carmen has a distinct interest in educating patients about Stroke & Hypertension - Prevention and Recovery, Digestive Wellness, Diabetes Management, Kidney Disease, Autoimmune Diseases, and Neurological Disorders including Multiple Sclerosis and PTSD; ALL suggestions given ARE 
Naturopathic Physician APPROVED!

After dealing with a diverse amount of various health issues in her own life such as acne, weight gain, depression, anxiety, reproductive issues stemming from the use of birth control, digestive complaints and food allergies, she became her first Patient. Being naturally drawn to holistic solutions, she began to greatly improve the quality of her own life using this approach. As she expanded her own personal experience, over the years, more opportunities presented   themselves so that she could assist those around her who were suffering from different ailments and diseases.

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It is never too late to start on the path to health and wellbeing, nor is it ever too early.
Alexandra Reimann, ND Naturopathic Physician, Naturopathic Doctor   Dr Alex ND & Associates Naturopathic Medical Specialists
In September of 2015, a close family member had a stroke. This event turned her life upside down. The knowledge in Cardiovascular Disease, Neurological Disorders, Digestive Wellness, and Kidney Disease has allowed Carmen to effectively communicate with her family members’ doctors and nurses in order to safely introduce a natural approach to healing that is complementary to the modern medical approach. The progress Carmen’s family member has made so far, ranges from reduction in medication dependency, the reversal of the onset of kidney disease, controlled high blood pressure and insulin levels, the ability to move independently while rediscovering a language that was lost due to injuries the brain sustained during the stroke.

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